Blackwater Bitters was born due to the lofty idea of providing our friends and family with homemade coffee bitters over the Christmas Holidays.  When we discovered/affirmed our love for mixing flavors, we decided to trek onward with our small scale production of bitters.  From there, we’ve been working diligently to create both practical and unique blends to elevate your cocktail and culinary experiences. We couldn’t be happier about serving our local and surrounding communities with our small batch, handcrafted bitters.

What Are Bitters? And How are They Made?

The origin of bitters trace back thousands of years and held various uses. More recently, the temporarily forgotten flavor of bitters has been brought back by bartenders and foodies who have recognized the myriad of ways that bitters can be incorporated into our food and beverage.

Simple definition:  bitters are a highly concentrated cocktail flavoring, consisting of herbs, spices, flowers, barks, roots, and other agents steeped in high proof spirits. You might consider bitters the seasoning—the salt and pepper, if you will, of cocktails.

Bitters follow a basic formula of bittering agents, flavoring highlights, and a sweetener (if necessary).   To prepare our bitters, the majority of the time we opt to extract each agent individually, rather than employing a collective steeping method where all ingredients are placed into a single jar. This ensures that each ingredient is steeped at an optimal extraction rate. After extraction, we combine the individual tinctures according to the recipe.